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French Quarter, New Orleans

622 1/2 Pirate’s Alley


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Medusa’s Gaze

Menu (in-person)

your choice of tarot, oracle, runes, bones, trinkets, crystals, or palm,.






For Kids, Teens & Families

Tap into magic & imagination to discover your animal spirit guide and a magical message for every family member.

View our VIP Pegasus Party Menu for families.

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For Friends Group or Couples

Thank you for being a friend!

Celebrate the magic of connections, learn ways to nourish empathy & cooperation, receive a powerful magic mirror message for the relationships.

MirroR & Serpent

22 min session $66.66

Using our psychic abilities and Medusa’s magic of her mirror and serpents, we can explore empowering perspectives of insight and clarity on your intentions.


The snake spirit animal stands for ancient wisdom and creative power; it symbolizes death and rebirth, going beyond boundaries and limitations. The mirror represents powerful reflection.

33-44 min session $99.99

Intense deep-dive psychic reading uncovers profound insights, clarity, and healing, guiding personal growth and transformation.

11 min session $44.44


anniversary Ritual

Spilling the Tea Reading


Sip into destiny with our enchanting tea leaf divination session. Our tea is garden-to-tea cup, grown, harvested & blended by our resident Green Witch.

Take home organic tea available.*


Celebrate your special day with a personalized ritual & psychic reading, uncovering insights and blessings for the year ahead & lessons learned during your solar return.

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Crystal Clarity!

Pendulum use aids decision-making, intuition, and provides answers through energy alignment.

Choose your own pendulum. Cleanse it, activate it, use it to answer questions in a mini-reading.

loving Cleanse


a loving cleanse for your spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies with a blessing from Spirit.

take home DIY spiritual bath for when you need a little TLC from Medusa & New Orleans & Spirit.

New Orleans Manifestation Doll


powerful practice where a specially crafted doll is used as a tangible representation of one's desires and goals. By imbuing the doll with intention and visualizing desired outcomes, it becomes a living vision board, a conduit for focusing energy and intention. This ritual aligns the practitioner with their aspirations, helping them manifest their dreams with greater clarity and purpose.

cutting cords


energetically liberating you by severing emotional or psychic ties that bind you to past relationships, situations, or negative energies.

Parting the Veil

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Ancestral Messages

Past Life




Loving mediumship session connects with departed loved ones, bringing cherished messages from the beyond of reassurance, healing, and enduring love.

Past life reading brings self-awareness, releasing patterns, and deepening understanding of one's soul journey.

Work from home, video conferencing with coworkers due to Cov



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Take a Deep Dive into Medusa’s Healing Realms



Deep Lair Menu

Welcome to Medusa’s extended VIP menu, where we proudly offer specialty healing energy sessions encompassing a diverse range of modalities, schools, and practices. Dive into a realm of holistic wellness and spiritual rejuvenation as our expert practitioners guide you through transformative experiences tailored to meet your unique needs. Our menu boasts a rich tapestry of offerings designed to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. Embrace the power of ancient wisdom and modern techniques as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner healing with our exclusive VIP healing energy sessions.

Each Staff member has their own VIP Offerings, please visit their bio page for their menu. Email for a consultation.

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